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Another Quotation:
An inordinate amount of activity is devoted to building new representations and tools to support them, compared to the effort given to evaluating those tools, and that claims are made for these notations and environments which are subtantiated far less vigorously.
--Buckingham Shum & Hammond, Argumentation-Based Design Rationale: What Use at What Cost? International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 1994, 40 (4), 603-652

We've moved, or at least our website has!

Join us at! (We'll take you there shortly. If not, click the link.)

Welcome to Shad Valley Waterloo! We are delighted that you will be joining us for what we expect to be a fabulous experience. We've created this web site to give you easy access to everything you'll need to know before you arrive.

Follow the links to find out about Faculty and Staff Members, Program Activities, Things to Bring, Arrival Directions, Contact Information during July and Frequently Asked Questions, among other things. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the information on this web site, or if there is any additional information that you require.

Looking forward to July!

The Shad Waterloo Team