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INTEG 121 Design and Problem-Solving

Assignment: Project One

As outlined on the handout, this TWiki web is the place to put two of the three deliverables for the Communications Design project:

  1. Your individual case study. The hardcopy you hand in can be a printout of the TWiki topic you create. Due Jan 19.
  2. Your team's PSA, and the brief for it. The hard copy your group hands in could be (but need not be) a printout of the TWiki topic your group creates. Due Jan 26.

Your individual project reflection write-up is prepared as hard copy only to hand in. Do not post on the TWiki. Due Jan 28.

Dave Goodwin's Presentation on Designing Ads that Work

You don't need something like Photoshop to prepare your PSA. A well-presented idea in pencil, ink, paint and collage is perfectly acceptable. Either way, be sure to track and credit any source images you start with. I've added a couple of sources of free stock images in the Inspirations section of this site.

Black and White printing is available in or near most computing labs. If needed, Colour printing is available for a price from the MAD Computing Group in Env 2, and in the Dana Porter Library, among other places on campus. Poster-sized printing (pretty expensive stuff) is available on campus through Graphic Services, and off-campus through FedEx Kinko's and N.C. Pestill.

Here's an Online History of Graphic Design that may have some interesting information about posters, fonts, etc.