INTEG 321 Exhibit Paint/Palette.

Keywords: Interior Latex Eggshell

Default Colour

Knowledge Integration will provide a default paint colour for use within the exhibits. The colour is chosen as a compatible colour to match the exhibition's environment, and be less harshly reflective in sunlight than stark white.

Venue CIL Name CIL Code RGB/Web
SJU Gymnasium Default
Venetian Stucco 25YY 78/232 W/B #FEDA95
EV1 Courtyard Default
Tippy Taupe 80YR 67/085 W/B #E2D1C5
UW Art Gallery Default
Glidden Ultra 9490-0 #FCFCFC

Existing Exhibit Palette:

CIL Name CIL Code RGB/Web
Rapture Red
07YR 10/489 #9F3A3D
Quiet Blue
30BB 63/124 #C1D1E5
Silver Swordplay
30BB 45/049 #ADB3BB
Blackboard Paint
Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint #000000

Why do we like the CIL Colour Chart? Because while last year's Vanilla becomes this year's Venetian Stucco, they both remain 25YY 78/232, and you can tell a lot from that code.

It isn't possible to achieve every value in every range. Some intense colours are more reflective than others. (Yellows, for example, are more reflective than Reds.) The CIL Colour System is similar to the Munsell Color System.

Faculty Colours:

Faculty CIL Name CIL Code RGB/Web
Ribbon Dance 52BB 15/410 #2373BA
Celery Stalk 92YY 51/593 #B5C035
Flamboyant 21RR 19/459 #DC2D94
Palace Purple 23RB 11/349 #582D89
Moroccan Sands 01YY 36/694 #EA8624
Milano 16BG 29/350 #199BA8