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INTEG 121 Design and Problem-Solving

Collaborative Resource:
Prototyping Sources and Materials

We're compiling a personalized set of Yellow Pages, using wiki collaboration software, to create individual TWiki pages of tools, materials and supplies available from suppliers we have discovered, written up as individual TWiki topics, and cross-referenced for easy searching.

Each topic should be named (with a WikiWord) for the source (think OfficeDepot, GlenbriarHomeHardware, GarbageDay) or the material (think FoamCore, FiveMinuteEpoxy, PopRivets).

Material topics should contain specifics about the material, such as its:

  • attributes
  • use, application
  • analogous possibilities
  • references
  • prices for units or standard sizes
  • where they are available for purchase or scrounging

Source topics should contain specifics about the source, such as:

  • name
  • type (hardware, stationery, surplus, salvage, thrift store, etc.)
  • location (in town, online)
  • contact information
  • opening hours
  • distance from the university (approximate kilometres/travel time starting at EV2 Ring Road entrance)
  • convenient travel routes

It's BOGGLE, of course; we're not looking for 120 pages describing the wonders of CurrentResistors or TheSource in Westmount Place.

Include your name on your TWiki page, so that others can seek clarification or make suggestions. You can continue to update and improve your pages throughout the remainder of the term.


  • create individual TWiki topics to describe sources and materials, with:
    • links from each source topic to material topics that represent what that source provides
    • links from each material topic to source topics where those materials may be found
  • develop a rich, collaborative environment where discovery and documentation benefits everyone