Fall 2011

7-9 pm Bowling! (Dec 3)

Are you ready for a night filled with bowling balls and ugly sweaters?

Come join the environment faculty for a super-fun night of bowling! Make sure to wear your favourite Christmas sweater! An ugly sweater is a great way to get in the spirit of the season.

Pizza will be provided, and everything is free! Amazing!

This is the same event as ESS Bowling.

Waterloo Bowling Lanes 14 Princess St W, Waterloo, ON N2L2X8

Laserquest (done)

Laserquest was a great success! Lots of fun with lots of people. We'll be receiving pictures from the event soon which we can post!

Spiritwear Survey

Now that the survey's done, it'll be decided soon which colour of sweatpants will be ordered for spiritwear! You can see what the sweatpants look like at the links below, and we'll be announcing all the selling times for spiritwear soon!

So much academic fun!

The database contest has ended You should now be able to see who's in your courses or has taken your courses.

Not only that, but here's some great news for first years and upper years: this Tuesday, October 4 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, KISS will be hosting a learning plan Q&A session in the coffeeshop. We plan to create a productive environment where first years can finish that learning plan assignment due Thursday, meet some upper years, discover the wonders of the coffeeshop, and more! Upper years will be attending for nostalgia purposes and out of the goodness of their hearts. Also there will be popcorn. Everyone should come on out for a good time with KI students.

Welcome back KI

What's up!? I hope you all had a great summer. Here's a run down of what you need to know about KISS in the next week or two:

  • Almost all of our council has been elected. Check out the executive bios page for contact info.
  • Check out the GetInvolved page for ways to get involved in KISS. The KISS council doesn't just want your help, we desperately need it!
  • If you're in first year, you could be the first year rep to KISS council! Talk to Devin or Caroline about getting your campaign off the ground.
  • If you've got any questions about the KIDS program (pairing upper year KI students with first year KI students), then talk to Jenna, the KIDS coordinator. We hope that every first year will have a big kid by the end of the first week of classes.
  • If you want to be on a KISS intramural team, talk to Barrett. In past terms we've done volleyball and dodgeball, but other sports are available. The cost for the term should be $20 or less.
  • Get ready for camping!! KI is going camping from Friday, September 16 at 4:00pm to that Sunday at noon. Check out the facebook event.

Winter 2011

End of Term Note from KISS

Congratulations! Classes are over, and this year will soon come to an end. Thank-you so much to all of you for your involvement in KISS, and especially to our wonderful exec, who worked tirelessly this year. We look forward to a great summer break - good luck with jobs/travel (shout-out, Berlin!!!)/school/whatever other cool things you'll do, and SEE YOU IN THE FALL!!!!


If you are interested in voicing concerns or suggestions about the curriculum for INTEG 230, please follow this link and add your comments. There's a full curriculum review for KI coming up this summer, so these suggestions will definitely be passed on to faculty and staff. Thanks, everyone!!!

KI-X 2011

A behind the scenes sneak peak into all the hard work the Amsterdam cohort put into their third year museum project.

Election Results

The votes have been counted and the results are in. Congratulations to the 2011-2012 KISS Exec:
  • Chairperson: Devin
  • Moderator: Caroline
  • Archives: Evaleen
  • Finance: Ryan
  • Academics: Zainab
  • Events: Barrett
  • Communications: Connor
  • Innovation: Geoff
  • 2nd Year Rep: Ian
  • 3rd Year Rep: Jenna
  • 4th Year Rep: Ryley

Appointed positions and first year rep will be decided on in early September next year.

EOT Talent Show and Assassin Winners

Boy, does KI have TALENT!!!! And ninjalicious skills! Thank-you all who came out to the Talent Show on Friday, April 1st, and especially to our fabulous performers. We had a great show and some very foolish food. Keep your eyes peeled for the podcasts/videos that will be made from our acts (just in case you missed it, or can't wait to experience all over again).

Also at this great event, we announced the winners of the term-long game of assassin. Congratulations to:

James - Most Killiest!!! Ryley - Most Stealthiest!!! Kaleigh - Most LOLz!!!

Week of Danger

Winter term is almost over. The week of danger is upon us. HAVE YOU CAUGHT YOUR ASSASSIN TARGET(S) YET? Stay on your toes, KI-ers, and step up yo game. There are prizes for those who remain, and the most prolific of assassins. (And remember, you ain't no Black Mamba unless your kills are recorded, so report your kills to Bill aka Devin at devin at callysto dot com.)

INTEG 10 Final Exam

April Fool's!!!!! We're holding a Talent Show on Friday, April 1 and we NEED YOUR TALENT!!! If you would like to sign-up, there is a sheet on our bulletin board outside the ESS Coffeeshop. So exciting!!!

Annual General Meeting: This Friday

This Friday, come to what looks to be a fantastic seminar, then stay afterwards for: VOTING for next year!!!, constitutional amendments, announcements, and YUMMY SNACKS!!!! Exercise your democratic right and ensure that next year will be the best one yet to be a KI student!!!

Also, if you would like to nominate someone or yourself for a position, have a look at: ElectionInformation. If you want more information about a position or the elections, Kyrie will be hanging around outside seminar room this Friday from 1:30-2:30. Come with your questions and she'll be happy to help.

Slides from How to KISS event posted!

The How to KISS event last Saturday was a great success! Ed and Will taught juggling; Kyrie and Mary taught origami; there was a surprise visit by Christina, and we made Ukrainian Easter eggs; Ryan and Devin shared some computer knowledge; everyone enjoyed some pizza; and we finished by creating and sharing N "artist trading cards".

Slides from Ryan and Linda's presentations are posted here.

Ways to get involved in KISS

Interested in getting more involved in KISS? Here are 6 ways you can! GetInvolved

  1. Subscribe to our mailing list, or change your settings HERE
    • You can choose how you receive your mail, or to receive it in a convenient digest form!
  2. Run for a position on KISS next year! Check out ElectionInformation for dates, information, and breaking election news!
  3. Attend our events! Information is HERE
  4. Come to Innovation committee Mondays at 3 in AL 209 (March 14 in ML 212). Information is HERE
  5. Come to Connections committee. Information to come, or ask Ryley!
  6. You could even attend one of KISS's regular meetings and find out what we're talking about. Wednesdays at 9:30 AM in the ENV courtyard

KISS Needs You

Our student society is in dire need of your help! If you are interested in helping write, act, film, costume, or edit our video project for this year, feel free to contact us or come to our meetings on Wednesday mornings!

Also, if you have a talent, passion, skill, or random thing you can do, and want to share with your classmates, send us a message, and you could teach a session at our up-coming "Learn to KISS Event". Other instructors will include your friends, faculty, and staff, revealing talents you never knew they had, and never thought you could learn!!!

DO IT Because you rock, and KISS needs you!

Annual Valentine's Event - Monday, Feb 14, ENV Courtyard, 10-1

KISS wants you to be our Valentine this year. Come out to celebrate, eat free candy, and make your own Valentine's cards for your friends, loved ones, and professors!

Two opportunities to work with CISA

CISA is the Canadian Interdisciplinary Studies Association, a collaboration among interdisciplinary programs in universities across Canada. There are two opportunities to get involved in planning CISA events, as well as representing KI and UW to the organization:

  • CISA is planning a TED-style talk, except the speakers will be on live feeds simultaneously at each university across Canada. What we need is a volunteer to represent KI and UW in planning that event, to secure a speaker, and who can manage or find someone to manage the technicalities of setting up the live video feed. KISS executive can obviously help whoever volunteers to accomplish all of this.
  • Coming out of the Combining 2 Cultures conference on Jan. 22, members of CISA are organizing Erudito, an undergraduate interdisciplinary journal. Stay tuned for information on how to contribute, but right now it's looking for a KI person to help produce the newspaper (as well as represent and be the contact for KI).

For more information on either of these opportunities email me at devin@callysto.com and I'll put you in touch with some more CISA people!


Assassin has started. You should receive an email with your target if you don't get your target at seminar. You can read the AssassinRules here.

UPDATE: According to official records, only 73 people remain alive in the Knowledge Integration program! Police are baffled at the upsurge in professional killers! In fact, unofficial reports put the number as even lower!!

Fall 2010

Berlin and Copenhagen Fundraising:

FundraisingGroups is the awesome sign up area for the radically fantastic fundraising events that we can make happen! There are lots of different ideas and levels of involvement. Just put your name by the ideas you are PSYCHED About! Interested in being a group leader? Email Bess or Zainab! Your idea not on there? Add a row and add the idea! You guys rock!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to a new fall term! Hope everyone had a great summer and the term is going well so far. KISS has started operations, stay tuned for opportunities to participate and events to attend.

The website has had a new makeover, its looking new and full of life. A lot of the old content has been moved to the Archives section, if there's anything from previous years you want to access please check there first.

Winter 2011 and Earlier

KISS Little Kid Forms

Here is the form you need to fill out and send to Melissa ( <melissapreece@hotmail.com> ) in order to take part in the KISS Kids Program:

Berlin Brainstorm

For all of those associated with the Berlin Museum trip, you can Brainstorm in the Berlin Brainstrom section. The planning course, INTEG 230, will take place in Winter 2011. Likely departure: April 2011 (!!!!!!!!!!!)


Thank-you all for ordering spiritwear! We'll let you know when our merch arrives in stock. Think you can wait???

New Web design!

(April 2010)

Hi everyone, I've recently enabled our new slick looking Nat Skin. I'm currently moving around some topics to clean up the website and make it more intuitive. If I've deleted a link to a particular topic you were looking for your can find it here Index

If you don't like or aren't use to the new skin, there is a button on the left bar navigation to revert the current page back to its old look.

This Year's Constitution!

(April 2010) ... can be found here.

Kiss Kids

(April 2010)

What you need to do as a BIG KID:

Remember all those questions you had in first year? Where is MC 5061(does it exist)? Which buildings are connected? What are Warrior Weekends? Which course is labour intensive? Which profs are legendary? Is this university-quality writing? Well now that you have the answers to most of these questions, you can help answer them for your lil' kid! We don't expect you to drop everything you're doing to help them, however we are asking you to be make a serious commitment to them. Editing an answer, giving a tour of campus, or answering general questions does not take long, though you should expect a greater number of questions in the first few weeks.


help with editing Habits of Mind essay and connections A give them real advice about courses that you feel qualified giving advice about you're not their god, you are just there as an extra resourc


help them find their way around campus, and where their classes are show them the hang out spots/quiet areas/resources inform them of KISS, ESS, and UW events throughout the year

The form you need to fill out is called the KISS Big KID PDF. You can email this form to Ryan at unlimitedcreativity at gmail dot com anytime. The sooner the better! We want to know numbers.

Universal release party

(Friday March 19th 2010)


KISS is organizing a video/website release party for the premier of our new website design and the KI 'music video'. The video was created by KI students describing our program to the musical masterpiece Like A Boss (or in this case 'In KI'). Our launch event will be open to the entire faculty as we have asked the other associations to collaborate with us to share something from their own faculty as well. The idea is to showcase what it means to be in KI as well as the other programs in our faculty.

The red carpet premier event will take place Friday, March 19 from 7 - 10 PM in the Laurel Room, South Campus Hall.

A bar will be open for beer, wine and soft drinks, and delicious snacks will be available. We are envisioning this as a mildly formal opportunity for KI and ENV students to establish an identity for our programs.

This should be a great opportunity for us to establish who we are within the faculty. Mark your planners KIers, and stay tuned for more details!

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