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Laserquest is happening this Friday, October 21! We'll meet up after seminar, take the bus down together. It costs $14 for two games, and then there will be free pizza! This event is open to the faculty so you can bring your friends. Just make sure to email Barrett beforehand so he has an idea of numbers.


Elect the first year Representative to the KISS Exec team on Friday, just after seminar.


Shortly thereafter? prepare yourself for a weekend of awesome at Elora Gorge for the annual KI camping trip. From 7pm on Friday night till about 12 noon on Sunday KISS hopes that you'll join us for a general awesome time of sports, music, dancing, laughing, crying (with laughter), swimming, and of course, campfires and s'mores. What we need you to do? Check out the facebook page for a couple more details and let Chelsea know about whether you want to include yourself in the meal plan that's being organized (vegetarian options). If you can, try to make sure that there's a tent out there somewhere that has upwards of 1 square foot of space for you to sleep in, because KISS doesn't provide the tents. If you have a tent and are willing to share your space, let people know! The same goes for cars, we're hoping that some serious self-organization can happen here, and make sure that everybody that wants to go, can. So if you have a car and are driving out, let us know too, and we can connect people who need rides, to people who've got rides.

One more time... Food, tents, rides. Let's get organized and have a camptastic time.


OMgoodness, but wait. Isn't there one more awesome thing going on next weekend on Sunday the 18th? KI Welcome Picnic at Ed Jernigan's people. This is great if you could't make it to the camping trip (and even if you could!!). There's going to be a bus which picks up people at the University at 3:30 on Sunday (exact location soon) to deliver them to Ed's place. If you want to get there independently, be sure to get Ed's address from someone and then we'll see you at 4 o'clock! This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Faculty members who make KI happen, as well as all the other students. Bus leaves at 7:30pm from Ed's to return you to your fantastic new (or old) places of residence.

KISS End-of-term event: Talent Show! - April 1 6 to 9pm

To celebrate the end of another school year, KISS is going to put on a TALENT SHOW OMG on April the 1st from 6-9pm. Come out to the most happenin' venue on the block (aka the coffeeshop) so we can amaze/feed you. If you are Justin Bieber, know Justin Bieber, or would like to entertain us in some other way, please email BJ (Social Director!) at jordan_28_brittney@hotmail.com. ANY TALENTS WELCOME. (Really. Any.)

  • Day: Friday April 1
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Location: Coffeeshop
  • Performers: You (?)
  • Fun level: off the charts

KISS How To ___ Event - March 19 1pm to 5ish pm

We all know that our fellow KI's have some really cool, unexpected skills up their sleeves, but we hardly have the time to learn and share with each other when drowning in homework! KISS is facilitating its first-ever how-to event so you can come out and learn some new things from KI & friends in a relaxed setting.

Here's the schedule for the day:

Time Activity
1:00 pm Juggling with Will and Ed
1:45 pm Break
2:00 pm Origami with Kyrie and Mary
2:20 pm Break
2:30 pm Free Software with Ryan and Devin
2:50 pm Break with snacks!
4:00 pm Drawing with Linda

Location: EV2 2002.

Posted Slides  
Ryan's slides on free software posted as PPT
Link to the UW Free Software Depot is HERE
Linda's slides on Artist Trading Cards as PDF or PPT
(for Linda's PPT, right click and "Save As", "Save Target As", or "Save Linked Content As")

KISS Fall Term Holiday Wrap-up Event

Will include:

KIX - our annual gift Xchange (KI Family!!!) 6-7:30pm, ENV Coffeeshop

Followed by: ENV-wide Holiday bowling - a fun and exciting adventure for the whole ENV family!

8-10pm, WATERLOO BOWLING LANES 14 Princess Street West, Waterloo All 10 lanes booked for us!

GIFT Xchange details: Any KI student wishing to participate will purchase and wrap a KI-friendly gift. This can pose a challenge because we all know how difficult it can be to define a KI student. Remember that the gift should be gender neutral and KI appropriate. What that includes is completely up to you! Some ideas from other years included: Chocolate or candy, things from the UW store, tarot cards, music, homemade gifts etc etc. Anything goes really - be creative! Picking a gift can be difficult. If you're stuck, a safe bet would be the UW store in SCH. I have seen quite a few interesting and KI-worthy items there.

The gift value should be approx. $10 Don't forget to wrap it! Good Luck

KISS Intel:

Our fabulous KI newspaper is an on-going event, happening every week! If you are interested in submitting or helping edit/format, check our editors' notes out.

Intramural Sports

KI currently has basketball and dodgeball teams, which you can check out at those links. Contact Jordan for more information.

KI Computer Essentials

Come to PAS 1241 at 12:30 or 1:30 on Friday, November 5 (right before seminar) to learn all about some essential KI Computer skills, plus have any questions you have answered. Want to know how to embed video in a powerpoint safely? What's the best antivirus to have? How to pull all the pictures from a pdf? Come and ask!

Bring your laptop to follow along for the beginning or demonstrate a problem you're asking about.

If you want to run an event like this, where you teach some general and useful skills from an area of your own specialty, email a KISS exec member to help make it happen.

General Meeting: Friday, October 15, 4:00pm, EV2-2002.

Come hear what KISS has been up to and give us your feedback/ideas. We'll be having important discussions about spiritwear, museum-trip fundraising, and others!!!! Come on out!

If you have an idea for an event or are currently planning out an event please refer to the FEDS Forms page (notice the third link on the page the Society Event Form)

Also if your planned event requires KISS funding please fill out a KISS Asset Subtraction System form.

After events it would be greatly appreciated if the organizers could fill out a KISS Event Analysis Form

To request funds from ESS for an event, fill out a Association Special Projects Funding Proposal

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