Check out the parking lot, an archive of ideas for KISS to do. If an idea isn't done right away, it should end up in here. Check it out for how to get ideas in

Innovation Committee

This committee meets every week, and has three purposes: a predictable, weekly time for KI people to see each other; a way for people to get involved in KISS; and as a place to hone our idea-generating skills. The minutes of the meetings are at the bottom of this page.

March 28

On March 28, at our last meeting, we'll discuss Innovation Committee and the direction of the committee for next year. And cake!

March 21

This week's meeting we'll generate ideas about the upcoming Combining Two Cultures conference, specifically about the content and theme.

March 7

A couple of updates: there won't be any more Wednesday meetings. The term's drawing to a close and we can do our convergence in the Monday time slot. Sorry to anyone who can't make Monday and was going to come next Wednesday!

Last week we talked about the constitution a bit more. That should be out of the way at this point, though if you have last minute ideas I could get them in or put them in the parking lot.

This week, March 7, we'll work on our inter-club collaboration idea. Either we'll try to test different methods of idea generation, or we'll just brainstorm in general.

Reminder: next week (March 14) will be in ML 212, and NOT in AL 209.

March 14

We talked about cool projects that KI could do in the student space "loudly". It was pretty good. Next week's topic TBA.

February 28/March 2

The topics for the divergent and convergent meeting this week will be the same, but are still TBA!

February 14/16

Monday's meeting will probably be on trying to structure an optimally innovative student society.

Wednesday's meeting will be putting finishing touches on the constitution review. We've done some cool reorganization and it's worth checking out. There's still lots of room for input, and we'd love to have you because the more people we have the better mandate there is.

February 7/9

Monday's meeting was on "optimal seating arrangements". Wednesday's is the start of the constitution review.

January 31/February 1

Monday's meeting will be about "a new kind of activist group". Wednesday's meeting will be on redesigning, or just reviewing, KISS's constitution. If you are coming to Wednesday's I'd recommend reading the constitution over at About whenever you have the time.

January 24

In this week's meeting, we're going to make an experimental design. We want to experiment to determine which idea generation techniques are the most lucrative, quantity-wise. It's all part of our master plan to help other clubs and societies brainstorm. Last week's meeting was about getting more students in KI, then diverged right over to thinking about the Museum Trip fund-raising.

January 17

This week's meeting will be on the topic of promoting KI to the outside world. January 10 was all about what KISS could do this term. Technique: we'll start solo, then pair off to talk about ideas, then pair off with a second person, each time generating more ideas.

January 10

I don't have a topic for this week's meeting yet, so if we don't have one when the day comes we'll come up with one. It's the first meeting! Come join us in AL 209 at 3:00!

Fall 2010 Term (old)

November 24

This week's meeting will be on "how to get more students in KI".

November 17

This week's meeting we'll be working on WESEF proposals again. November 21 is the deadline. Last week we talked about a proposal for some indoor bike storage that Zainab has under control. This week we're going to start diverging again to work on the WESEF $100 000 contest. Ideally we'd have people from other environment programs for this, but as always the ideal is as many viewpoints as possible.

Also last week was the "fix democracy" convergence meeting. We came up with a couple of ideas that may come together; the minutes are posted below.

November 10

This week's meeting will be chaired by Zainab. It may be less divergent than we're used to - the plan is to trawl through the ideas we have (particularly from last week) and come up with a WESEF proposal. Work may spill over from the meeting, but the proposals are due November 21, so it can't go too long!

At at 1:30 (directly after) will be the "Fix Democracy" follow-up meeting. I haven't booked a room yet, but we'll be hammering out a proposal about how KISS could modify its election procedures this April. We're trying to model how democracy could be made more effective in doing so.

November 3

This week's meeting is going to be brainstorming on behalf of potential KISS candidates this April and beyond. October 27's meeting was very fruitful, and we talked about problems with democracy, as well as techniques to deal with those problems. We thought that KISS would be better off if it accomplished more, and candidates were able to speak to their views on what direction KISS should go in a larger sense. For instance, should KISS be tackling global warming, or poverty? That's kind of extreme, but the direction we're thinking in.

So the topic of this week's meeting will be "what could KISS possibly accomplish, given all the resources in the world" or something to that effect.

Another note: as a follow up to the October 13 meeting, I'll be going on a tour of the campus on November 5 to look at what other student societies have done with their student spaces. Anyone is welcome to join me.

Also, I'm looking to have a follow up meeting on the topic of "fix democracy", using the ideas generated on the 27th and doing some convergence, until we have real ideas for KISS to use this April. I'll send out something about that on the mailing list.

October 27

This week's meeting is going to be on the topic of "election methods". We want to make our elections more effective in KISS, but also we want to think about democracy in general. How do we make voting less about looks and more about the platform? How can we increase voter turnout? It may be useful to do some background reading, but it's obviously not required. Anyone can show up.

October 20

We were inspired after last week's meeting, so at 11:30 this Wednesday the 20th we're going to walk around campus looking at what other students have done with their spaces. This may also be a tunnel tour, if you don't already know about the useful tunnels on campus. We can meet outside AL 209, but we won't have that room until 12:30.

October 13

This week's meeting is going to be on the topic of "a space for KI students". We'll try to design what we want our KI space to be, and figure it all out.

We're going to go on a field trip while generating, so meet at AL 209 by 12:35 and we'll walk over to a spot we decide on. If anyone's late, check to figure out where to find us.

October 6

This week's meeting is going to be on the topic of "What is KI?". We're going to discover the essential truths of Knowledge Integration that everyone agrees on. We want as many people as possible to come so we have a nice and diverse group. Jeff's going to chair the meeting, and we're going to try out posting all ideas to Twitter during the meeting. That means everyone (if they have one) should probably bring a laptop or a smartphone that can post to Twitter and read it. Also, if you can't make the meeting you can participate remotely, or review it after. It'll also be open to post to after the meeting's over.

If you decide to come/participate, you should think up some ideas about what you think KI is beforehand (if you don't you can still come). Also, make a Twitter account at and add as a friend @innovationki.

If you want to participate remotely, keep in mind that we're going to start solo, then be as divergent as possible (no censoring or criticizing ideas in this stage). The bulk of the discussion will be divergent. If we have time at the end we may get convergent for this particular topic.

September 29

This week's meeting will be on Wednesday, September 22 at 12:30. The location is AL 209, and the topic will be "group memory". That just means ways of keeping minutes, but also trying to make those visible to everyone as the meeting happens. Also, think of a persona you might want to act as for the meeting (!!).

Last week we had two meetings and generated a lot of ideas on how to generate ideas, as well as a few about things we should generate ideas about this year and term. Check out the minutes to (sort of) catch up.

I'll put some of the good ideas here once I type up the minutes.

September 20-24

There was a first meeting from 12:30 to 1:30 on Wednesday, September 15 in SLC 2132; minutes are posted below. Based on the preferences of the people who came, there will be four, hour-long meetings next week. Whichever meeting has the highest attendance will become the regular time for this committee. The four times are:

  • Monday, September 20 at 11:30 AM (cancelled)
    • Topic: What we should brainstorm about this year
  • Wednesday, September 22 at 12:30 PM
    • Topic: Ways of generating ideas
  • Wednesday, September 22 at 5:30 PM (cancelled)
    • Topic: What is Knowledge Integration?
  • Friday, September 24 at 12:30 PM
    • Topic: What we should brainstorm about this year

All four meetings will be held in AL 209. The meetings will end 10 minutes before the hour if people need to get to class.


These minutes include the lists of all the ideas generated at the meeting.

Date Minutes
Wednesday, September 15 Minutes Sept 15 2010.pdf
Wednesday, September 22 Minutes Sept 22 2010.pdf
Friday, September 24 Minutes Sept 24 2010.pdf
Wednesday, September 29 Minutes Sept 29 2010.pdf
Wednesday, October 6 Minutes Oct 6 2010.pdf
Wednesday, October 13 Minutes Oct 13 2010.pdf
Wednesday, October 20 (No meeting)
Wednesday, October 27 Minutes Oct 27 2010.pdf
Wednesday, November 3 Minutes Nov 3 2010.pdf
Wednesday, November 10 Minutes Nov 10 2010.pdf
Fix Democracy Minutes Nov 10 2010.pdf
Monday, January 10 Minutes Jan 10 2011.pdf
Monday, January 17 Minutes Jan 17 2011.pdf
Monday, January 24 Minutes Jan 24 2011.pdf
Monday, January 31 Minutes Jan 31 2011.pdf
Monday, February 7 Minutes Feb 7 2011.pdf
Wednesday, February 9 Minutes Feb 9 2011.pdf
Monday, February 14 Minutes Feb 14 2011.pdf
Wednesday, February 16 Minutes Feb 16.pdf
Monday, March 7 Minutes Mar 7.pdf
Monday, March 14 Minutes Mar 14.pdf
Monday, March 21 Minutes Mar 21.pdf
Monday, March 28 Minutes Mar 28.pdf
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