Ways to get involved in KISS

Interested in getting more involved in KISS? Here are 8 ways you can!

  1. Subscribe to our mailing list, or change your settings HERE
    • You can choose how you receive your mail, or to receive it in a convenient digest form!
  2. Attend our events! Information is HERE
  3. Come to Innovation committee. Information is HERE, or ask Kelly! Meetings are 12:00 PM Wednesdays.
  4. Come to Connections committee. Talk to Zainab! Meetings are 12:30 PM Fridays.
  5. Come to Social committee. Talk to Barrett!
  6. Write for KISS Intel! We take all submissions and are looking for three or four committed, regular reporters.
  7. You could even attend one of KISS's regular meetings and find out what we're talking about. These meetings are at 4:00 PM Tuesdays in the CKI studio until March 27, 2012.
  8. You can also run for a position on KISS next year! Check out ElectionInformation for dates closer to the end of March.
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