Executive Biographies

  • For official position responsibilities, you can check out the constitution at About KISS.
  • Not sure who to email? Just email env-kiss@uwaterloo.ca and it'll get to the right person.

Bryson Name: Bryson
Position: Chairperson
Email: bryson.mchlachlan@gmail.com
Bio: My name is Bryson McLachlan and I am in 3A Knowledge Integration. I am passionate about design thinking, collaboration, and basketball. I am passionate about KI and I am excited to continue to develop the vision of KISS, as well as to provide many opportunities and experiences for every student in Knowledge Integration. Find me in the ESS Coffee Shop, I love a good conversation and meeting new people.
Zainab_exec_pic.jpg Name: Zainab
Position: Moderator
Email: z.o.ramahi@gmail.com
Bio: I'm currently pursuing a Joint Honours KI degree with Political Science and a minor in History, and last summer I went to Copenhagen! I'm extra-excited to be your KISS moderator for this year, and I want everyone in KI to feel that they are part of the KISS community. Come talk to me about KISS, travelling, sushi, current events, professional soccer or all of the above, especially if you're a first year!
Evaleen.jpg Name: Evaleen
Position: Director of Archives
Email: evaleen.hellinga@gmail.com
Bio: I'm currently in my third year (Copenhagen cohort) of Knowledge Integration, and I am loving it! As your director of archives, I take minutes at meetings, organize the KI library, and keep information and pictures from past events. My academic interests span from computer science to women's studies, with many in between. Outside of the classroom I love to play squash and tennis, watch documentaries, camp, hike, and travel to new places.
chelsea.jpg Name: Chelsea
Position: Director of Events
E-mail: chelsea_mills@live.com
Bio: Hi! My name is Chelsea Mills and I'm in third year, doing Joint Honours Knowledge Integration with Mathematics. I'll be your Director of Events for the year. That means that if you have an idea for an event that KISS could run, or you want to help out planning an event, you should talk to me. In the past, we've done things like camping, laser tag, pottery making, rock climbing, sweater bowling, Christmas caroling, tobogganing and potlucking. Some of my own favourite activities include cooking, dancing and singing, reading, board games, yoga, swimming, volleyball, camping...and my very favourite is doing awesome things with KI!
AliKISS2012.jpg Name: Ali
Position: Director of Finance
Email: alikraushaar@gmail.com
Bio: My name is Alexandra Kraushaar, I mostly go by Ali, I am in third year KI with a Minor in Economics and a Minor in International Development. I am Director of Finance this year, my responsibilities include creating a budget, collecting and distributing all the money KISS uses and needs, as well as submitting expense requests and reports. When I am not at school or working on KISS stuff, I am usually riding my horse or teaching a ridinglesson. I ride competitively in Dressage throughout Canada and the US. When I am not riding I like to travel, run, ski, go shopping and spend time withmy family and my dogs.
Skaidra Puodziunas Name: Skaidra
Position: Director of Communication
Email: skaidra.puodziunas@gmail.com
Bio: Bonjour! Hello! Labas! Hallo! I am absolutely ecstatic to welcome all KISS-ers. As this yearís communications rep, my focus is on helping keep everyone connected with the pulse of our eccentric community. I am in my third year at UW, pursuing a joint honors in Knowledge Integration and Speech Communications. My interests include fast-forwarding to the obituary pages of ĎThe Economistí and encouraging the people around me to wear sunscreen. This year, Iíll be working on revamping the KISS website and itís overall functionality. Another key KISS goalfor me is to harness the conversational power of our small society as a support tool for its members. Iím always up for a good story and would love to hear yours. smile Cheers!
Tiffany Name: Tiffany
Position: Web Director
Email: lin.tiffc@gmail.com
Bio: Hey there! Iím currently in my third year pursuing a Minor in Environment and Resource Studies and an Option in Business. Iím really excited to be this yearís web director! Iíll be revamping the KISS website and working hard to make sure that everyone in KI can stay informed! Outside of KI and school I can be found doing anything related with art, reading, dancing, jogging, skiing and, when I can, travelling. If you have any questions/comments about KISS, the website, or just want to chat, let me know!
Jesse Name: Jesse
Position: Director of Innovation
Email: jessesharpe@hotmail.com
Bio: Hey there! I'm Jesse Sharpe, your Director of Innovations, and I'll be heading the Innovations Team! The Innovations Team will have a blast generating ideas and solutions to problems that will increase the quality of our experience in KI and at Waterloo. Our role consists of figuring out what to improve/change in KI - be it a physical space we need, a social issue, or ANYTHING else - and create a term or yearlong project to solve our problem. We have the opportunity to make KI EXACTLY what we want it to be, so come on out and help make a positive difference! I look forward to working with you all!
A little about me: I'm in third year KI, currently applying for a concurrent degree with Systems Design Engineering. My passions lie in music, biking cross country trails, and socializing!
Robert Name: Robert
Position: Director of Academics
Email: robert_gt@sympatico.ca
Bio: My name is Robert Gooding-Townsend, and I will be Director of Academics this year. I am in third year, and have interests in math, music, classics, the brain, the outdoors, writing, and reading. All things academic give me a warm, fuzzy feeling (except when they are illogical or poorly done), and I would love to talk about your academic futures. I greatly enjoy bouncing around ideas about how to improve KI, (including unpopular/impractical ones), so please feel free to do so with me. I am responsible for keeping in contact with CKI, and helping you with any and of all their questions!
Krista Name: Krista
Position: First Year Representative
Email: krista.davis@uwaterloo.ca
Bio: Hey everyone! My name is Krista Davis, and I am in my first year of Knowledge Integration. Iím super-duper excited to be your first year representative and I hope to bring lots of energy to KISS! Iíll be working with our 4th year rep to lead KInnections, as well as being the connection between first years and KISS. So, if you have an ideas you would like to share, about KISS - or anything, feel free to let me know!
Jessilyn Name: Jessilyn
Position: Second Year Representative
Email: jessilyn_wolfe@hotmail.com
Bio: Oh hey there! My name is Jessilyn and I am a part of the Barcelona cohort and am happily this years second year rep. I'll be heading up some fundraising and also being the go to girl for second year students to connect with KISS. So if you have any fundraising ideas or you just wanna chat, you can come find me : )
Ian Name: Ian
Position: Third Year Representative
Email: ian.scholten@gmail.com
Bio: Hi-dee-ho!! My name is Ian Scholten. I am a third generation knowledge integrator and am pursuing a Joint Honours with Anthropology. My formal position in KISS is the third year representative! My job is to act as a liason between the executive committee and the Copenhagen cohort. But the excitment does not stop there. I am also responsible for organizing the KIDS Peer-to-Peer program!!! Additionally I will be helping out wherever I can on the committee. See you around KI!
Jenna Name: Jenna
Position: Fourth Year Representative
Email: jennavikse@gmail.com
Bio: Hey KISS! This year I get to be the interim 4th year rep for the fall term. I have three main duties: organizing spiritwear (you too can be an owner of one of those oh-so-edgy KISS tees!), heading up KInnections with our first year rep, and keeping my cohort connected with KI and each other as we spread out over campus this year and in the future. I am so excited about taking this on Ė KI has meant the world to me for the past three years and I am ready to spend my last year doing my best to make it all that it can be!
Geoff Name: Geoff
Position: WESEF Representative
Email: gcevamyhill@gmail.com
Bio: Hi. My name is Geoff. I occupy the space between the Barcelona and Copenhagen cohorts and am pursuing KI with minors in Economics and Cognitive Science. This term I am the lobbyist/representative for KISS in the Waterloo Environment Studentís Endowment Fund. I will be pushing to get our projects and events funding, and also to guide KI students who want to get their own projects funded. My interests include ingesting media, vagabonding, provocative conversations, some other stuff, and living life with more sprezzatura. I hope we can be friends for a long time. Long live the Oxford Comma. God Save the Queen. &c.
Jonathan Name: Jonathan
Position: ESS Representative
Email: jonathan.browngilbert@gmail.com
Bio: Why hello there, my name is Jonathan Brown Gilbert (AKA Jon) and in the Amsterdam II cohort. My job is to function as the liaison between our lovely KISS and the Environment Student Society (ESS). In my spare time, you might find me playing trumpet, skiing, spouting philosophical jargon and wandering the wilderness in the skin of a lion. I also enjoy star gazing, candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach at sunset. Feel free to approach me and discuss anything relevant to my role as ESS Rep or any of the interests stated above.

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