KISS is the Knowledge Integration Student Society at the University of Waterloo. Contact:

KISS is a group of students dedicated to supporting the students in Knowledge Integration. We also plan events, help fundraise for expenses, and act as a liaison between students and the university.


  • Support the Students of KI
  • Establish connections within the University Community
  • Support social and academic events planned by the members of KISS, and open to the greater university community
  • Documents notable achievements and events, (check out the Archives)

KISS Policies

KISS is governed by four sets of laws. Our constitution is primary, and can be found at this link: Kiss 2012 Constitution. The constitution states that we are also governed by FedS rules and ESS rules; this all really filters down through ESS's constitution and policies found at

The fourth and final set of rules is the KISS bylaws. These can be changed by a majority vote of the council rather than requiring a whole Annual General Meeting and ESS approval. KISS's bylaws live here. When they're changed, this page will be updated.

KISS Bylaws

Elections, Appointments, and Meetings

  • The Athletic representative and the KIDS representative shall be appointed within two weeks of the annual general meeting at the end of the Winter term.
  • The Year One representative shall be elected at a regular or special meeting within two weeks of the start of classes.
  • The KISS Intel Editor, the Waterloo Environmental Students Endowment Fund representative, the Environment Students Society representative, the Faculty Council representative, the Undergraduate Studies Committee representative, and the Webmaster shall be appointed at a regular or special meeting within two weeks of the start of classes.
  • A general meeting is a regular meeting where every member of the Society is specifically invited and the date is well advertised in advance.
  • The Chairperson shall call at least two general meetings per term.

Connections Committee

  • The Year Four Representative shall chair the Connections Committee.
  • The Year One Representative's primary responsibility shall be to assist the Year Four Representative with the Connections Committee.
  • The Connections committee shall work to help bring high school students into first year Knowledge Integration, and to connect current KI students with prospective employers.

KI Lending Library

  • The KI Lending Library shall be a library with three purposes:
    1. to provide basic reference materials to be useful to KI students working in the studio
    2. to foster an environment where current and classic interesting literature, both fiction and non-fiction, can be discussed
    3. to provide a physical space where the KISS archives can be curated and browsed by KI students.
  • Director of Archives shall administer and curate the KI Lending Library
  • The Director of Innovation shall work to expand and promote the KI Lending Library.
  • The Director of Archives shall add to and remove items from the KI Lending Library as necessary.

Proposed Bylaws

None right now!

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