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INTEG 121 Design and Problem-Solving

Collaborative Resource: Prototyping Materials

We're looking to create individual TWiki pages of tools, materials and supplies available from the suppliers we have discovered, written up as individual pages, and referenced from every supplier that provides them.

Each page should be named for the material (think FoamCore, FiveMinuteEpoxy, PopRivets), and contain specifics about the item, such as its:

  • properties
  • use, application
  • analogous possibilities
  • references
  • prices for units or standard sizes
  • where they are available for purchase or scrounging

It's BOGGLE, of course; we're not looking for 120 pages describing the wonders of CurrentResistors.

Include your name on your TWiki page, so that others can seek clarification or make suggestions. You can continue to update and improve your pages throughout the remainder of the term.

The navigation menu categories are arbitrary. Is there a better way to organize them all? Let's find out!


  • individual TWiki pages to describe materials available from one supplier, featuring their properties, use, substitution possibilities, etc.
  • links from that supplier page to those individual material pages
  • links from that supplier page to other students' material pages
  • cross-references from the aggregate pages for type of material, use, analogous possibilities, etc.