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Integ121exercises | Exercise Sketch Comics


Comic Encounters

We last explored our daily observations through improvised acting, in order to illustrate them and help us understand the observation and gain empathy for what we observed.

Now that we're all confident in our drawing ability, we're going to tackle the same task via the medium of comics.

OMG: We're Drawing Comics?!??!?


We're not looking for Marvel/Amazing/Superman/SailorMoon quality.

We are looking for observation, illustration, storytelling, understanding.

Perhaps an example or two would help....

XKCD Example 1

XKCD Example 2

XKCD Example 3

What do we notice about XKCD comics?

  • They're "only stick figures"
  • They're not "well-drawn"

  • The action is split between different panels
  • The images are:
    • sometimes full-figure
    • sometimes close-up
    • sometimes point-of-view
    • sometimes just words
  • Funny? Wry? Knowing? Observant? (i.e. It's funny 'cause it's true)

Your task

  • Work in groups of two or three
  • Review one of your recent observations
  • Discuss how it could be developed in a series of panels to illustrate, generate empathy, and promote understanding of your observation:
    • What do you need to show?
    • How would it best be formatted?
    • What characters could you use?
    • What text, if any, do you need to add where?
    • Draw it, XKCD style!

Volunteer Exhibition?

A Second Challenge

  • You suspect a roommate is eating your food out of the fridge
  • Brainstorm to create two posters:
    1. The WORST way to handle the situation
    2. The BEST way to handle the situation


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