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UW: Building a Talent Trust
This TWiki collaborative environment is for the use of students enrolled in the Introduction to Design and Problem-Solving course, INTEG 121. Sections of it are viewable only by authorized users; some pages are editable by individual students or project groups.

The left-hand menu provides navigation between pages (or topics) within different sections (or webs) of the TWiki.

The home-topic right-hand menu navigates between different webs of the TWiki.

Editing commands appear in the left-hand menu after logging in with valid Nexus credentials (userid1 and password2).

The Login button is hidden to the left of the INTEG 121 Design & Problem-Solving title at the top of this page (and others in this series).

A login session ends when the browser is closed, or after a timeout period has passed.

1Just your userid, without any or stuff.

2Need to create your Nexus userid?
or change your password? (on-campus only)

N.B. Not all faculties synchronize their mailserver and Nexus login password systems. You may need to manually set your Nexus password before you can login.