About KISS

The Knowledge Integration Student Society (KISS) aims to connect past, current, and aspiring Knowledge Integration (KI) students. We achieve this through fostering a supportive community of creative and diverse individuals.
Our mission is:
  • To represent the interests of the KI students in the internal decision-making process of the Faculty of Environment and the University of Waterloo
  • To support both academic and social initiatives that serve KI students and the Centre for Knowledge Integration (CKI)
  • To establish connections among the members of CKI, the Faculty of Environment, and the greater university community

Our goals are:

  • To build community
  • To provide mentorship
  • To represent KI students
  • To build the reputation of KI
  • To foster ideas
  • To facilitate leadership opportunities
  • To create connections amongst individuals and organisations
  • To facilitate the sharing of knowledge
  • To support student initiatives


KISS is governed by a constitution, which can be found here. The constitution states that we are also governed by Federations of Students (FedS) rules and Environment Student Society (ESS) rules; this all really filters down through ESS’s constitution and policies found here.

Get Involved

Here are some easy ways to get involved in KISS:

  1. Subscribe to the KISS mailing list.
  2. Attend our regular weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 6-7pm in EV2-2069.
  3. Join our Kinnections, Kinnovations, and/or Community Development Committees.
  4. Attend KISS events.
  5. Connect with KISS through emailFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.