Position Summaries


  • Shall work with the other Executive members to implement the vision of KISS;
  • Work with Executive Members to set and follow their goals for the year;
  • Promote collaboration and joint-efforts between Executive Members;
  • Address constitutional queries as needed;
  • Create and share agendas for Meetings;
  • Moderate meetings to ensure the agenda is followed and time is well spent during meetings;
  • Attend any meetings set out by the VP-Internal of ESS;
  • Attend ESS and WESEF meetings during the term, as needed;
  • Mentor the First-year Representative and assign tasks when appropriate; and
  • Act as the first point of contact for any inquiries with regards to KISS over the Spring term directly following election.

Director of Finance

  • Maintain accurate, up-to-date records of all financial transactions of KISS;
  • Work with the ESS VP Finance to prepare a budget at the start of each term
  • Ensure consistency with spending guidelines and allocations;
  • Liaise with ESS VP Finance and the Federation of Students (hereinafter referred to as “Feds”) Accountant for fundraising activities;
  • Supervise Fundraising head to ensure all fundraising activities comply with KISS policies and Feds’ governing documents; and
  • Manage purchase and sale of Spirit Wear for each academic year.

Director of Archives

  • Maintain a public archive of the ideas generated and actions taken by KISS members;
  • Write and disseminate minutes from Regular Meetings;
  • Collect and disseminate minutes from any Committee’s meetings;
  • Maintain the KISS website to publicize KISS activities;
  • Document KISS’s history through pictures, notes, stories, etc.;
  • Oversee the maintenance of KISS student databases;
  • Oversee the maintenance of the KISS library; and
  • Ensure accurate Board transitions manuals are produced and update access to these documents every academic year.

Director of Academics

  • Organize academic events such as, but not restricted to, course tutors, course selection meetings, study sessions, etc.;
  • Build and maintain connections with main campus resources and share external academic events with Full Members;
  • Attend CKI and Faculty Council meetings; and
  • Attend meetings of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Director of Communications

  • Communicate with KISS as a whole via weekly email & other channels of communication to keep Full Members informed; and
  • Use social media outlets to supplement communication and engage Full Members.

Director of Community Development

  • Organize social functions pertaining to community development;
  • Organize KISS athletic involvement; and
  • Run the Community Development Committee.

Director of Kinnections

  • Arrange a mentorship program to connect Full Members. This will consist of organizing a program to facilitate connections between incoming first years and upper years, as well as an avenue for sharing advice between the different academic years;
  • Liaise with Alumni Affairs to connect with past Knowledge Integration students;
  • Coordinate networking with prospective employers;
  • Connect KISS with prospective students;
  • Connect KISS with other student societies; and
  • Manage the Kinnections Committee.

Director of Kinnovations

  • Run the Kinnovations Committee to implement his/her vision and/or explore whichever projects interest its members; and
  • When KISS requires a project to be completed outside the main executive positions, Kinnovations will give priority to these projects as they arise.

First Year Representative

  • Operate under the guidance of the Chairperson;
  • Observe and get involved with the workings of KISS, as needed; and
  • Update first year Full Members on the proceedings of KISS, and encourage them to get involved with KISS activities, events, and committees.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Operate under the guidance of the Director of Finance;
  • Run fundraising activities in accordance with KISS policies and Feds’ governing documents; and
  • Cater to the interests of Fundraising Members.

Find out more in our Constitution.