KISS Library

Here is a list of all the books cataloged in the KISS Library. There is a sign out sheet in the studio, so feel free to take out any of these books. The colours correspond to stickers on book spines, so hopefully you'll be able to find what you are looking for.
If you'd like to donate any books, we'd love for you to do that! Just drop off any books beside the shelf and we'll process it and add it to the list (please do not put it in the shelf).
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the current Director of Archives. Enjoy!
CategorySub CategoryAuthor/EditorTitleColour
FictionBill AdlerDear Pesident JohnsonRed
FictionJoan Walsh AnglundCowboy and His FriendRed
FictionMargaret AtwoodMoral DisorderRed
FictionJane AustenPride and PrejudiceRed
FictionPoetryAphra BehnSelected PoemsRed
FictionPoetryHarold BloomThe Best Poems of the English LanguageRed
FictionChristian BökEunoiaRed
FictionBertolt BrechtGalileoRed
FictionEmily BrontëWuthering HeightsRed
FictionJocelyn BrownOne Good OutfitRed
FictionJoseph ConradHeart of DarknessRed
FictionMichael CrichtonJurassic ParkRed
FictionMichael CrichtonEaters of the DeadRed
FictionMichael CrichtonDisclosureRed
FictionMichael CrichtonSphereRed
FictionMichael CrichtonRising SunRed
FictionMichael CrichtonCongoRed
FictionMichael CrichtonNextRed
FictionMichael CrichtonFive PatientsRed
FictionPoetryLorna CrozierBefore the First WordRed
FictionDostoevskyThe Grand InquisitorRed
FictionMarilyn DumontA Really Good Brown GirlRed
FictionJanet FosterA Cabin Full of MiceRed
FictionAlan FurstNight SoldiersRed
FictionPoetryAllen GinsbergHowl and Other PoemsRed
FictionWilliam GoldmanThe Princess BrideRed
FictionJohn GrishamA Time to KillRed
FictionJohn GrishamThe FirmRed
FictionGarry JenkinsThe Wizard of Sun CityRed
FictionFranz KafkaThe TrialRed
FictionKen KeseyOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestRed
FictionSue Monk KiddThe Secret Life of BeesRed
FictionRudyard KiplingStoriesRed
FictionStieg LarssonThe Girl With the Dragon TattooRed
FictionMargaret LaurenceA Jest of GodRed
FictionJonathan LethemGun, With Occasional MusicRed
FictionSofi OksanenPurgeRed
FictionRichard PowersThe Echo MakerRed
FictionRoberta RichThe Midwife of VeniceRed
FictionSara RyanEmpress of the WorldRed
FictionPeter ShafferEquusRed
FictionPlaysWilliam ShakespeareHenry VI Part 2Red
FictionPlaysWilliam ShakespeareMacbethRed
FictionPlaysWilliam ShakespeareSelected PlaysRed
FictionMary ShelleyFrankensteinRed
FictionLiesel Moak SkorpenOutside My WindowRed
FictionPoetryWallace StevensPoems By Wallace StevensRed
FictionPoetryWallace StevensThe Emperor of Ice-Cream and Other PoemsRed
FictionAndrew StruthersThe Last Voyage of the Loch RyanRed
FictionMariko Tamaki(You) Set Me On FireRed
FictionJ.R.R TolkienThe LotR: Fellowship of the Ring (Part 1)Red
FictionJ.R.R TolkienThe LotR: The Two Towers (Part 2)Red
FictionJ.R.R TolkienThe LotR: The Return of the King (Part 3)Red
FictionPoetrySylvia PlathPoems By Sylvia PlathRed
FictionJim UngerHerman "Any Other Complaints, Herman?"Red
FictionKate WalbertA Short History of WomenRed
FictionMary WebbPrecious BaneRed
FictionJacqueline WinspearMaisie DobbsRed
FictionVirginia WoolfThe WavesRed
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocKiki ZeldesOur Bodies, OurselvesYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocNancy MandellFeminist Issues: Race, Class, and Sexuality, 5th EdYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocSpencer A. Rathus et al.Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity, 3rd EdYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocMichel FoucaultThe history of sexualityYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocBarbara A. Crow and Lise GotellOpen Boundaries: A Canadian Women's Studies Reader, 2nd EdYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocT L Burton and G E CherrySocial Research Techniques for PlannersYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocJohn Wolforth and Roger LeighUrban ProspectsYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocL.S. Bourne and J.W. SimmonsSystems of CitiesYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocEmily A. Schultz et al.Cultural Anthropology: A perspective on the Human ConditionYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocDaniel J. KevitinThis is your brain on musicYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocMorton HuntThe Story of PsychologyYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocRichard F. ThompsonIntroduction to Physiological PsychologyYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocDavid G. MyersPsychology, 8th EdYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocTurner and KillianCollective BehaviourYellow
Non-FictionPsych/Anthro/SocGary Johns and Alan M. SaksOrganizational Behaviour: Understanding and Managing Life at Work, 8th EdYellow
Non-FictionWorldW. H. T. OliveThe Olive DiaryYellow
Non-FictionWorldKen Beller and Heather ChaseGreat Peacemakers: True Stories for around the WorldYellow
Non-FictionWorldStephen HoareMotorbikesYellow
Non-FictionWorldChristopher Flavin et al.State of the World 2002Yellow
Non-FictionWorldLester R. BrownState of the World 1990Yellow
Non-FictionWorldRonald H. SpectorEagle Against The SunYellow
Non-FictionWorldWiesner, Ruff, WiesnerDiscovering the Western PastYellow
Non-FictionWorldW N Hargeaves-MawdsleySpain under the Bourbons, 1700-1833, 5th EdYellow
Non-FictionWorldAnna PrattSecuring Borders: Detention and Deportation in CanadaYellow
Non-FictionWorldDavid B. AbernethyThe Dynamics of Global DominanceYellow
Non-FictionWorldJorge I. Dominguez and Rafael Fernandez De CastroThe United States and Mexico: Between Partnership and ConflictYellow
Non-FictionWorldMaura HanrahanTsunami: The Newfoundland Tidal Wave DisasterYellow
Non-FictionWorldEric R. WolfPeasant Wars of the Twentieth CenturyYellow
Non-FictionWorldWendell H. OswaltThis Land Was TheirsYellow
Non-FictionWorldJune ArdielSignificant TreasuresYellow
Non-FictionWorldAndre Gunder FrankCapitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin AmericaYellow
Non-FictionWorldAndre Gunder FrankLatin America: Underdevelopment or RevolutionYellow
Non-FictionWorldRobert I. RhodesImperialism and Underdevelopment a readerYellow
Non-FictionWorldRobert BarnardChips & Pop decoding the nexus generationYellow
Non-FictionWorldRobert A. NisbetThe Social BoundYellow
Non-FictionWorldCharles HurstSocial Inequality: Forms, Causes, and ConsequencesYellow
Non-FictionWorldThomas L. FriedmanThe World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st CenturyYellow
Non-FictionWorldAndreas G. PapandreouPaternalistic CapitalismYellow
Non-FictionWorldPatrick H. O'NeilEssentails of Comparative PoliticsYellow
Non-FictionWorldJanine Brodie and Sandra ReinIntroduction to Political ScienceYellow
Non-FictionWorldJeffrey M. WooldridgeIntroductory Econometrics: A Modern ApproachYellow
Non-FictionWorldColander, Rocherbie, RichterMacroeconomicsYellow
Non-FictionWorldJournal : Upping the Anti, 13Yellow
Non-FictionWorldJournal : Upping the Anti, 11Yellow
Non-FictionWorldJournal : Upping the Anti, 10Yellow
Non-FictionWorldJournal : Upping the Anti, 8Yellow
Non-FictionWorldJournal : Upping the Anti, 7Yellow
Non-FictionWorldJournal : Upping the Anti, 5Yellow
Non-FictionWorldJournal : Upping the Anti, 3Yellow
Non-FictionWorldJournal : Upping the Anti, 2Yellow
Non-FictionPhilosophyWillard Van Orman QuineElementary LogicYellow
Non-FictionPhilosophyPete ShanksHuman Genetic Engineering: A guide for Activists, Skeptics, and the very perplexedYellow
Non-FictionPhilosophyRichard L. EpsteinThe Pocket Guide to Critical ThinkingYellow
Non-FictionPhilosophyTed RichardsSoccer and Philosophy: Beautiful Thoughts on the Beautiful GameYellow
Non-FictionPhilosophyHenry David ThoreauWalden; or, Life in the woodsYellow
Non-FictionPhilosophyTim KenyonClear Thinking in a Blurry WorldYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesRebecca PosnerThe Romance Languages: A Linguistic IntroductionYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesRichard HudsonInvitation to LinguisticsYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesSuzanne RomaineLanguage in Society, 2nd EdYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesMolièreL'École des femmesYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesLélio Luiz de OliveiraHerancas Guardadas E Transicoes PonderadasYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesTulio Halperin DonghiHistoria Contemporanea de América LatinaYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesG. Labrune et Ph. ToutainL'histoire de FranceYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesLoriot-Raymer, Vialet, MuyskensÀ vous d'écrireYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesJacqueline Ollivier, Martin BeaudoinGrammaire Française, 4th EdYellow
Non-FictionLanguagesDiane DansereauSavoir Dire, 2nd EdYellow
Non-FictionCSDaniel J. BarrettMediaWikiPink
Non-FictionCSMike MarkelTechnical Communication, 7th EdPink
Non-FictionCSRoger MungerDocument-Based Cases for Technical CommunicationPink
Non-FictionCSDavid M. SmithEngineering Computation with MATLABPink
Non-FictionCSIan H. Witten, Marco Gori, Teresa NumericoWeb DragonsPink
Non-FictionCSMatthias Felleisen et al.How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and ComputingPink
Non-FictionMathDarrell HuffHow to Lie With StatisticsPink
Non-FictionMathDonald J. VeldmanFortran Programming for the Behavioural SciencesPink
Non-FictionMathJohnson KubyElementary StatisticsPink
Non-FictionMathDaniel Anderson et al.Single Variable Calculus Early Transcendentals: Student Solutions ManualPink
Non-FictionMathDaniel Anderson et al.Single Variable Calculus Early TranscendentalsPink
Non-FictionMathWilliam J. Gilbert and Scott A. VanstoneAn introduction to Mathematical Thinking: Algebra and Number SystemsPink
Non-FictionScienceEdwin H. ColbertEvolution of the VertebratesBlue
Non-FictionScienceW. B. YappAn Introduction to Animal Physiology, 2nd EdBlue
Non-FictionScienceTim D. White, Pieter A. FolkensThe Human Bone ManualBlue
Non-FictionScienceMiklos D. F. UdvardyDynamic ZoogeographyBlue
Non-FictionScienceJean VallinThe Animal KingdomBlue
Non-FictionScienceCarl P. SwansonThe Cell, 2nd EdBlue
Non-FictionScienceHerbert ButterfieldThe Origins of Modern Science, 2nd EdBlue
Non-FictionScienceSRB & OwenGeneral GeneticsBlue
Non-FictionScienceBill BrysonA Short History of Nearly EverythingBlue
Non-FictionScienceCracolice & PetersIntroductory Chemistry, 3rd EdBlue
Non-FictionSciencePaul B. Weisz and Robert M. BrennerStudy Guide for Elements of ZoologyBlue
Non-FictionScienceM. J. SelbyEarth's Changing SurfaceBlue
Non-FictionScienceHelen H. CareyProducing EnergyBlue
Non-FictionScienceJohn McPheeAnnals of the Former WorldBlue
Non-FictionScienceCanadian Journal of Environmental Education, 2001, Vol 6Blue
Non-FictionScienceEnvironmental History, 3 July 2007, Vol 12Blue
Non-FictionScienceDaniel NelsonNorthern Landscapes: the Struggle for Wilderness AlaskaBlue
Non-FictionScienceWilliam NortonHuman Geography, 6th EdBlue
Non-FictionSciencePaul A. Longley et al.Geographic Information Systems and Science, 2nd EdBlue
Non-FictionScienceRichard P. Feynman"What Do You Care What Other People Think?"Blue
Non-FictionScienceJames KakaliosThe Physics of SuperheroesBlue
Non-FictionScienceSteven B. Krivit and Nadine WinocurThe Rebirth of Cold FusionBlue
Non-FictionScienceAmir D. AczelEntanglement: The Greatest Mystery in PhysicsBlue
Non-FictionScienceP. Erik GundersonThe Handy Physics Answer BookBlue
Non-FictionScienceRichard WolfsonEssentail University Physics Volume 1Blue
Non-FictionScienceRichard WolfsonStudent Solutions Manual Volume 1Blue
Non-FictionScienceRichard WolfsonEssentail University Physics Volume 2Blue
Non-FictionScienceRichard WolfsonStudent Solutions Manual Volume 2Blue
Non-FictionSkillsRobin Lissak, George BaileyA Thousand Tribes; How Technology Unites People In Great CompaniesPurple
Non-FictionSkillsRoger von OechA Kick in the Seat of the Pants; Using Your Explorer, Artist, Judge, & Warrior To Be More CreativePurple
Non-FictionSkillsRoger Connors, Tom Smith, and Craig HickmanThe Oz PrinciplePurple
Non-FictionSkillsPhil GeldartIn Your Hands; The Behaviours of a World-Class LeaderPurple
Non-FictionSkillsMichael FullanThe Six Secrets of ChangePurple
Non-FictionSkillsPatrick LencioniThe Five Dysfunctions of a TeamPurple
Non-FictionSkillsJim CollinsBuilt to Last; Successful Habits of Visionary CompaniesPurple
Non-FictionSkillsStewart R. Clegg, Cynthia Hardy, and Walter R. NordManaging Organizations; Current IssuesPurple
Non-FictionSkillsRosabeth Moss KanterThe Change MastersPurple
Non-FictionSkillsScott GinsbergHello, my name is Scott; Wearing Nametags for a Friendlier SocietyPurple
Non-FictionSkillsPatrick LencioniDeath by MeetingPurple
Non-FictionSkillsRichard TemplarThe Rules of WorkPurple
Non-FictionSkillsJohn NaisbittMegatrends; Ten New Directions Transforming Our LivesPurple
Non-FictionSkillsRobert B. Cialdini, Ph.DInfluence; The Psychology of PersuasionPurple
Non-FictionSkillsDaniel H. PinkA Whole New Mind; Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the FuturePurple
Non-FictionSkillsThomas Homer-DixonThe Upside of DownPurple
Non-FictionSkillsMarieke De GoedeVirtue, Fortune, and Faith; A Genealogy of FinancePurple
Non-FictionSkillsWarren G. Bennis, Robert J. ThomasGeeks and Geezers; How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape LeadersPurple
Non-FictionSkillsPeter Urs BenderSecrets of Power PresentationsPurple
Non-FictionSkillsPatricia McCullyHow to Avoid Presentations PitfallsPurple
Non-FictionSkillsDavid IngreExpress: A Brief Guide to Technical and Business CommunicationPurple
Non-FictionSkillsNorman WilloughbyIncredibly Easy Project ManagementPurple
Non-FictionSkillsRichard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, Alan J. Marcus, Elizabeth M. Maynes, Devashis MitraFundamentals of Corporate FinancePurple
Non-FictionDesignEdward de BonoThe Dog-Exercising Machine; A Study of Children as InventorsPurple
Non-FictionDesignDonald A. Norman, Stephen W. DraperUser Centered System DesignPurple
Non-FictionDesignWarren Berger, Bruce MauGlimmer; How Design Can Transform Your WorldPurple
Non-FictionDesignP. H. Roe, G. N. Soulis, V. K. HandaThe Discipline of DesignPurple
Non-FictionDesignTim BrownChange By Design; How Desgin Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires InnovationPurple
Non-FictionDesignDonella H. MeadowsThinking in SystemsPurple
Non-FictionOtherGreg Mortenson and David Oliver RelinThree Cups of TeaGreen
Non-FictionOtherRobert M. PirsigZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; An Inquiry into ValuesGreen
Non-FictionOtherElizabeth GilbertEat Pray LoveGreen
Non-FictionOtherBrendan BrazierThe Thrive DietGreen
Non-FictionOtherNigella LawsonHow to Eat; The Pleasures and Principles of Good FoodGreen
Non-FictionOtherLonely PlanetChinaGreen
Non-FictionOtherLonely PlanetThe NetherlandsGreen
Non-FictionOtherAlan Menken, Stephen SchwartzEasy Piano; PocahontasGreen
Non-FictionOtherDavid LintonPhotographing NatureGreen
Non-FictionOtherLIFEThe Great LIFE PhotographersGreen
Non-FictionOtherAlbert H. Morehead, Geoffrey Mott-SmithPlay According to Hoyle; Hoyle's Rules of GamesGreen
Non-FictionOtherFranklin WattsKites!Green
Non-FictionOtherDavid PelhamThe Penguin Book of KitesGreen
Non-FictionOtherIrma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, and Ethan BeckerJoy of Cooking (75th anniversary)Green
Non-FictionOtherDonna K. GrosvenorPandasGreen
Non-FictionOtherCarl R. Green, William R. SanfordThe Giant PandaGreen
Non-FictionOtherRoy CoombsAnimal World; The PandaGreen
ReferenceThe Bible; New TestamentNone
ReferenceHoly Bible; New TestamentNone
ReferenceThe Meriam Webster DictionaryNone
ReferencePraxisworterbuch ENGLISHNone
ReferenceNew Roget's Thesaurus, 1989None
ReferenceBarbara Ann Kipfer Ph. D.The Original Roget's; Roget's International Thesaurus, 6th EdNone
ReferenceWayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. WilliamsThe Craft of Research, 2nd EdNone
ReferenceRon Blicq, Lisa MorettoGuidlines For Report Writing, 4th EdNone
ReferenceJane E. Aaron, Murray McArthurThe Little Brown Compact Handbook, 4th Can EdNone
ReferenceJoanne BuckleyCheckmate; A Writing Reference For CanadiansNone
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