This is page for the KISS 2016 elections. The following nominees are running for a position on the KISS 2016-2017 executive council:



  • Dana Lobo & Elizabeth Fletcher
  • Joshua Dolman


Director of Academics

  • Deanna Di Vito
  • Vanessa Lamont


Director of Archives (ACCLAIMED)

  • Shania Trepanier


Director of Communication

  • Katrina Brain
  • Samir Reynolds


Director of Community Development

  • Deanna Di Vito
  • Katrien Jacobs
  • Katrina Brain


Director of Finance (ACCLAIMED)

  • Maytal Perlman


Director of Kinnections

  • Chloé St. Amand
  • Deanna Di Vito
  • Katrina Brain


Director of Kinnovations

  • Ben Persofsky & Jamie Bate
  • Vanessa Lamont


Fundraising Coordinator (ACCLAIMED)

  • Keira Chadwick & Meagan Flus