Resources for Teachers

How might a classroom benefit from video games? Either directly through the use of games as a teaching aid, or indirectly by applying video game concepts to education.

Some questions for students:

  • What makes video games fun? What makes them more enjoyable than doing homework?
  • Why do you play video games? What do you look for in a video?
  • What have you learned from video games? (Facts, skills)
  • How could video games be used to teach other things?
  • How could elements from video games be incorporated in the classroom?

Interested in how game concepts can be applied in the classroom? Here are links to some ideas for lessons or teaching aids that teachers have come up with to bring game elements into the classroom. Introducing students to these resources can help them answer the questions above.

Feel free to print out a worksheet to help your students reflect on some of the themes brought up in this exhibit.