Student Content

When you're at the exhibit, ask yourself...
1.What does the scoreboard read when you walk in the exhibit?
2. How many Easter Eggs did you find?
3. How many stick figures did you find? Draw your favourite one here.
4. Think of a chore you really don’t like doing - how would you apply a gamification technique to make the chore more of a game?
5. What does the scoreboard read now that you are leaving the exhibit? (Do you feel like you contributed?)

What if your life was a video game?
1. If you were the hero of your own video game, what would you look like?
2. What would your hero name be?
3. In your game, would you ...
□ solve puzzles □ fight monsters □ build cities □ explore new places □ cast spells
□ cook delicious food □ save the world □ collect rare items □ race against the clock
□ be part of a team □ go solo □ other
4. Would it have ...
□ levels □ bad guys □ epic quests □ a final boss □ infinite gameplay □ easter eggs
□ other
5. What would the ultimate goal be?

You can print these questions out and take them with you on the exhibit!
Just click HERE!