Exhibit Description

Here at the Video Game Agency, we think that games can change the world. Video games can help you sharpen your skills and inspire you to overcome everyday obstacles. Explore the games in our Visitor Centre to find out how video games can turn you into an everyday hero. You’ll even see some games that are used to tackle real world problems.

Level up by doing the activities at the three different stations. Each station helps you develop a different skill. What skills do you have? How do you use them to tackle the challenges you face every day?

Check out the exhibit Scoreboard to see how the games you play can make an impact. The Scoreboard keeps track of our visitors’ skill power-ups by counting the points earned at each station. See how video games can benefit you and the world at the Game Changer exhibit.

Game Changer is an exhibition produced by fourth-year students in the Knowledge Integration program at the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Knowledge Integration.